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Sílvia Royo / 6 de juliol de 2017

Newsletter 1 June 2017

KA202-024424 Enterprise is VITAL

Enterprise is VITAL (Vision, Innovation, Teamwork, Achievement and Leadership) is a partnership between four VET colleges (UK, Spain, Portugal, and Finland), a Business Incubation Centre (BBC) in the UK and a Business Association in Spain (APIP).

This is a three year project whereby 8 VET staff and 360 students from four countries will participate in a project aimed at developing new, innovative, creative, entrepreneurial education. VET students will have the opportunity to learn from real-live start up enterprises and gain insights as to why and how they grow.

Staff and students will meet through VITAL Clubs and participate internationally through blended mobilities and short-term joint staff training events. Participants will be credited through Europass.

Enterprise is VITAL commenced on 1 September 2016 and will finish on 31 August 2019.

Outcomes will include a VITAL Resource Pack for VET Centres to implement an Enterprise Ecosystem (Strategic Intent, Programme Co-ordination, Recruitment of Students, Delivery Methods, Programme Content, Programme Enrichment, Business Planning Competitions and Celebrating Success) thereby bridging the gap between academia and the world of work.

Project Objectives:

Enterprise is VITAL aims to develop creative and innovative teaching practice relating to Entrepreneurship Education and narrow the gap between what is taught and the requirements of the world of work. The primary programme objectives are to:

§ work collectively as a network to develop a VITAL Resource Pack thereby increasing the entrepreneurial understanding and activity of staff and students throughout the project lifetime and by 20% thereafter.

§ narrow the entrepreneurship gap between academia and the world of work through the use of problem based learning techniques thereby creating better conditions for transition to working life.

§ start 4 new VET student enterprises

§ develop a process for crediting non-formal and informal learning in entrepreneurship across transnational boundaries

Enterprise is VITAL Partners:


NRC – Northern Regional College

Ballymena, Northern Ireland, UK

Contact Person: Irvine Abraham

Email: irvine.abraham@nrc.ac.uk


AEVA – Escola Profissional de Aveiro

Aveiro, Portugal

Contact Person: Ana Ribeiro

Email: ana.ribeiro@epa.edu.pt

IES La Senia

Paiporta, Valencia, Spain

Contact Person: Silvia Royo Monsalve

Email: silvia_royo@ieslasenia.org

Jyväskylän koulutuskuntayhtymä

Jyväskylä, Finland

Contact Person: Rea Tuominen

Email: rea.tuominen@jao.fi

Ballymena Business centre

Ballymena, Northern Ireland, UK

Contact Person: Stephen Scullion

Email: stephen@ballymenabusiness.co.uk

Asociación de Polígonos Industriales de Paiporta (APIP)

Paiporta, Valencia, Spain

Contact Person: Gregorio Martinez Mellado

Email: Mauno. manager@mudinmar.com

16-17 January 2017 – Transnational Meeting 1 – NRC, Northern Ireland, UK.

After presenting the VET system in their country the Steering Group agreed work packages and responsibilities in:

§ Project Management and Coordination

§ Blended Mobilities

§ Staff Training Events

§ Communication, Dissemination and Evaluation

Tour of Northern Regional College, meet staff and students.

§ Library and Social Areas

§ Creative Digital Media – Animation

§ Engineering – AutoCAD Solid Works

§ Fabrication and Welding

§ Motor Vehicle

§ Construction – Joinery and Plumbing

§ Animal Management



Partner VITAL Clubs undertook research, visited companies and interviewed industry leaders to explore the primary motivation for starting a business.

A1 Activity– What makes an entrepreneur start up a business?

Complete surveys by 7th April 2017

Analyse the completed surveys across the following 4 themes:

§ Entrepreneurial attributes of the owner/manager

§ Challenges faced

§ How these were overcome

§ Importance of building relationships

Draw conclusions and present findings in the form of a case study during the Blended Mobility in Paiporta, Valencia, Spain 08-12 May 2017.

08-12 May 2017 – 5 Day Blended Mobility – IES La Senia, Paiporta, Spain

At the 5 Day Blended Mobility 19 Students form partner 4 countries presented the findings from Activity A1. Students also visited two companies and a business incubator to view start-up and established companies in action and honed their VITAL skills by participating in Marketing and Finance Masterclasses.

§ KARBEST – design and manufacturing high-quality folding carton boxes for the cosmetics and perfumery sector

§ INESFLY – product development for pest control and vectors control that transmit endemic diseases in Public Health

International VITAL Enterprise Competition

VITAL Clubs selected student representatives to participate in an international student enterprise competition. Developed jointly by the world of work partners, Ballymena Business Centre and Asociación de Polígonos Industriales de Paiporta (APIP) the competition had a commercial edge to it. Adopting the ‘Winning from Within’ EA Fox Model students focused on 4 hats work by entrepreneurial leaders.

Students put their VITAL Entrepreneurial skills to the test by coming up with a business idea for a new, improved product or service or disruptive way to bring the product or service to market.

The Pitch

In mixed international teams students developed the idea and presented their ‘Pitch’ Market Proposal in the form of a Business Canvas to a panel of business leaders, entrepreneurs and start-up agency experts staking their claim to be crowned winners of the VITAL Enterprise Competition.

Business Canvas

§ Value Proposition

§ Customer Segments

§ Channels to Market

§ Customer Relationships

§ Revenue Streams

§ Key Partners

§ Key Activities

§ Key Recourses

§ Cost Structure


The Winning Team:

§ Aldana Perez – IES La Senia Spain

§ Niko Ojonen – JAO Finland

§ Bruno Pinto – Portugal

§ Ben McMillan – Northern Ireland, UK


Business Idea: Surround proximity detector/alarm fitted to bikes to increase safety for cyclists in the city

The project is funded under Key Action 2 of the programme. Strategic Partnerships Cooperation for Innovation and the exchange of good practices.

The European Commission support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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